Headkutter was born in raised within the working class playground of East London.

Unlike today, the art world was never one for serious consideration for anyone locally and although a few found their voice (and alias) within the thriving graffiti world in the East End, a trade was always the assumed writing on Headkutter’s wall.

‘I started graffiti at school after borrowing a book on subway art, drew constantly, and then I started my digital art using D-Paint on an Amiga 500 all the way through taking Art at A-Level’

A potential career within graphic art beckoned, but paternal advice towards a ‘safer’ job led to the now-artist turning his attentions towards a more commonly trodden ground and a career as an engineer.

Within the final months of his Dad’s life a visit to a Banksy exhibition in Bristol in 2011 changed everything. ‘My Dad’s eyes lit up and he thought it was fantastic, this was like a green light for me to pick my artwork back up again’.

A successful release of a self-created comic at the MCM Comic Con in 2015, a solo exhibition and a renewed enthusiasm towards creating has led to a dramatic increase in interest in the broad, humour-led works coming from the studio of the rapidly improving artist.
Now collected all over the UK and beginning to sell abroad, 2019 looks set to be the year the artist’s voice is well and truly found – and a place within Penny Black Gallery as one of our featured artists.

Influenced by the likes of D-Face, Warhol and Stan Lee – Headkutter is NOT the artist’s legal name.