FAQs and Glossary

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking for something not on your site?

A challenge! We love that. Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. Our team is vastly experienced within the industry and if it’s available (or even sold out actually!), there’s every chance we can make it yours. Try us.

How quick will delivery be?

Items will be delivered between 2-10 working days, depending on the piece. We are privileged to work with some of the world’s most exciting independent artists and the UK’s leading publisher – this means sometimes works will come to you from us via their studio so this can add to the lead time but it is rare for works to not be dispatched the same week or week after order. We will keep you up to date throughout.

My piece is for a birthday gift, can you guarantee delivery?

Firstly, excellent choice of gift! When ordering with a special date in mind, simply inform us after order ([email protected]) and we will work to prioritise to your important date. Penny Black Gallery has no desire to ruin your kid’s birthday or your anniversary, so let us know!

Do you do gift vouchers?

We do indeed. £20, £50 and £100. These can be purchased via ‘Artists’ and ‘Gift Vouchers’. You’ll be getting some serious points for gifting these to someone.

How does a commission work?

If you want to have an original artwork from one of our artists but there’s none available or you have a specific idea in mind that you’d like brought to life – we can make that happen for you. Nearly every one of the artists we work with are available to create a bespoke artwork for you. 
Normally, this is done by you providing us with an initial brief that we put to the artist, they then come back with their thoughts/suggestions until we reach an agreed brief to begin work from. At this point we ask for 50% of the fee up front (with the balance paid on completion) and then the artist does what they do best. Commissions are supposed to be a fun, enjoyable and personal experience and we just love making them happen. Drop us an email or a call and we’ll talk you through the process.

I love your gallery space. I want to hire it for my event. How do I do this?

We are proud to work extensively with artists, community groups, charities, retailers and a whole host of other businesses and individuals to use our 2 storey, 1200sq ft fine art gallery, with available parking for their event. Please do get in touch to discuss.

The question I have isn’t on here, what on earth can I do?!

Call, email, tweet, ‘gram, Facebook, write or simply yell very, very loudly. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. To find out where to do any of this, see our ‘Contact Us’ page.


Please see below some commonly used terms within our website and a brief description of their meaning. If there is any further terms you are unsure on, please get in touch, we are happy to help.

Limited Edition – a print/reproduction that has a set, non-changeable amount of ‘editions’ (copies).

Giclee – a type of print produced using a computer. This is the one of the most common types of print you can buy. (1)

Print or Original? – Prints are essentially reproductions of an original. The original is a one-off. If the print is of a painting, the print is a copy on paper. The original is the hand painted artwork itself. Both are artworks in their own right.

Screenprint – a form of printmaking using a screenprinter, usually to hand create the artwork by transferring ink onto a prepared screen.

Moulding – the type/brand of wood or plastic on frames. (2)

Strap-Hang – a form of hanging artwork, and our preference, that involves two holes in the wall and hanging secured via two parts of the artwork. This creates a more ‘flush’ artwork with less hang. (3)

COA – Certificate of Authenticity. All of our artwork is complemented by a COA. (4)

Medium – the materials used to create the artwork i.e acrylic paint, charcoal, clay, digital.

Mount Only – normally for prints, some artworks are available unframed, but mounted (or ‘ready to frame’).

Paper Only – normally for prints also, the artwork would be unframed and unmounted. When sent, this is usually rolled and protected by craft paper within a sturdy Penny Black postal tube.

Commission – an original artwork and a collaboration between yourself and the artist. Your ideas and created bespoke for you.

Perspex – When we refer to Perspex, we are talking about a form of artscreen used typically to send framed artworks internationally to ensure safe arrival. This is a fine art, high quality, non scratch Perspex only.